Specialists in family law

Specialists in family law


A dedicated, local team working with you to achieve the very best outcome for you and your family.

Care Proceedings

Care Proceedings

We are experts in this field, with two childcare panel solicitors. We will obtain Legal Aid if proceedings have been issued. More >



Your family is undoubtedly the most important group of people in your life, we recognise this and pride ourselves in seeking to achieve the best outcome for you and your family. More >

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

If you have been subjected to domestic abuse, man or a woman, we can help. We do not judge; we are there to support you to take control of your future. More >



Our solicitors have experience of all the complexities that can occur and are able to advise you how to proceed, without persuading you to take a difficult step until you are ready. More >

<br/>Legal Aid

Legal Aid

In April 2013 there was been a substantial change in the entitlement to Legal Aid, we have all the information you need here to guide you through the process. More >

Private Client Fees

Private Client Fees

If your matter does not satisfy the criteria set by the Legal Aid Agency to secure legal aid for representation or advice, we can still assist you with a competitive hourly rate. More >



A Will is a crucial legal document allowing you to specify what is to happen to your estate (property, money, investments, possessions) on your death. It also enables you to appoint a Guardian to look after any minor children on your death. More >

Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attorney

These are also very important legal documents. Sadly, mental incapacity could affect you at any time through accident or illness, which would mean you would at that point be unable to specify who should manage your financial and health matters. More >



We entirely appreciate the death of a loved one can be a very upsetting, stressful and difficult time for a person and having to deal with a persons estate can add to the difficulties that may present. More >

Fraser Hollands are a specialist Family Law firm which brings together a team of leading family law experts to advise and support families in Kent. If you need help with the breakdown of a relationship, with arrangements for children and money, or to protect yourself or a loved one from harm, we can:


Fraser Hollands can deal with your case from start to finish, in house. Our legal team are experienced advocates, so that we can work for you in Court as well as in an office local to you.


Our staff will listen and help you when you need it most. We have a specialist team assisting those who have experienced domestic abuse, with experts in the field whom you can trust.

Whether you need advice, representation, or just the tools to rectify your own situation, Fraser Hollands can help.

What our clients say

"The assistance I received from Fraser Hollands was wonderful, Gary and Shannon were both extremely supportive and helpful."

A. Garcia

"My solicitor Alex was excellent, I got the outcome I had wished for."

K. Barry

"Fraser Hollands were great! Jane went above and beyond for me."

J. Wells

"I am so grateful for everything Fraser Hollands have done for me. They are always prompt and professional. They have changed mine and my daughter’s lives for the better and I would recommend them to friends and family."

N. Freeland

"I had a great experience with Fraser Hollands and could not fault the service they provided. Glen was great whilst representing me in Court and I got the outcome I had hoped for."

K. Blackley